"Splintered Truth got me through some hard times in life.  Thank you Naty. And Jillian and Sam and Tim."

– Laura K


"Jillian is likeable enough for a size zero rich chick."

–  Sarah H


"All in all, your writing is great and I want to encourage you to keep writing!"

– Jill C

reader reviews

Prologue Excerpt:

If you had asked me 8 years ago if I thought I would ever share my diaries with the world, the answer would have been a resounding "hell no.”  But that was before one fateful night eight years ago.  Before I met Tim.  Before anything transpired with Sam.  And most definitely before our lives were sprayed all over the cover of every magazine, blog, and news channel in the Western hemisphere... This story has it all: an all-American hero, a rich beautiful princess, and a mysterious boy from the other side of the tracks who makes his name in the world.  It has innocence, innocence lost, first love, first kisses, betrayal, love lost, deception, a villain, and a love triangle that still leaves people talking. 

Naty Severson's debut novel Splintered Truth will be arriving soon on a bookshelf near you!