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Naty Severson

Naty Severson has a weakness for a good challenge and rarely says no to dare.  Late one night at a cabin in Northern Minnesota Naty began shooting off her over-active mouth claiming that anyone who put their mind to it could write a novel.  Sensing an opportunity for a legendary dare, Naty's friends capitalized on her in ability to decline a dare and challenged her to write her own novel.

The terms of the dare:

  • Write a Young Adult or New Adult Trilogy
  • The novel must have a modern day setting (i.e. no dystopian or supernatural elements)
  • The story must center around a love triangle
  • Include 22 specific and totally ridiculous plot points (example: the main character has to be a peanut butter heiress who is allergic to peanuts)

With the terms of the dare set, Naty began the processes of putting plot points together.  She couldn't get the story out of her head until she figured out how all the pieces fit together. Out of a desire to entertain her friends, Naty wrote the first few chapters and handed it her friends to read. To her surprise, these friends not only liked her writing they wanted more. As more chapters came to life Naty realized that not only did she really enjoy writing, but she was good at it.