What will the Next Challenge be?

Coming 10/31/15: 

A picture of Naty Fininshing

New shoes for training.  

Mine are the big ones.

Half Marathon Challenge

A friend recently challenged Naty to run a half marathon.  Having run three half marathons in the past Naty quickly accepted the challenge and replied, "Running 13 miles is just a matter of will-power. I didn't even train for the last one."  Of course, the last time Naty ran that far was 8 years ago.. and she vomited after crossing the finish line. Will she make it the whole 13 miles?  Will she make it through training?  Will she vomit in public?  I guess we will find out on October 31, 2015.  

Naty can't resist a wholesome, good natured dare!  If you have a suggestion let us know.  Maybe Naty will accept your challenge. 



I triple-dog dare you...

How Naty feels whenever

she thinks about running.